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Eachother Weddings and Events di Olga Brovelli offers a wide range of services and helps you to plan and organize your unique wedding day in Tuscany. Our services are:

  • Full Wedding Service: starting from a first consultation meeting, we organize the timeline wedding in consideration of your budget and your wishes.We plan a precise calendar appointments, in order to: manage the wedding paperworks, look for the most suitable suppliers for the couple’s needs and budget, take care of all the wedding details, develop your wedding design plan, organize your budget plan at best.This complete service includes, also, the wedding day coordination.
  • Wedding Day Coordination: this service consists in the management of all the vendors which contribute to the wedding day success.Thanks to the wedding planner, you can live all the emotions of your “big day” without any worries. I will always be present on-site to check all the vendors work and I assure you the wonderful success of your wedding.
  • Single Vendor Research: each vendor contributes to create the perfect event, in this case your “lifetime event”; so the suppliers’ choice is a basic aspect and it needs of a professional guide.
    I’m at your disposal to find the most suitable vendor to your demands.
  • First Consultation: to know each other better, and completely understand all your needs. This date usually clarifies and puts order in your mind how “to turn your dream into reality”.
  • Wedding Design Service: it’s important that your personality emerges during your wedding, so we’ll help you to conceive the mood you dream, starting from the palette colours to the wedding style you desire.
  • Vendors Coordination during the planning project: if you organize your wedding by your own, I can be, as well, by your side to undertake the relationships with all suppliers and to co-ordinate the design phase of the project.
  • Wedding Ceremony Management: this service can help you to fix the ceremony date and place. In case of Catholic ceremony I will check the availability of the church and concerning the civil ceremony you have my support to find a minister or a celebrant in the wedding location area.
    In case of blessing ceremony we can decide together how to manage it.
  • Wedding Paperworks: I will help you with all the weddings paperworks procedures and I assure you your wedding is valid to all the effects, in your foreign country too.
  • Budget Plan Management: I help you to manage your wedding budget; each cost will be under control through a managerial database, so don’t worry!


From the italian handmade stationery to the make-up, from the food to the location. Eachother ensure that the wedding or the party will be unique and unforgettable.


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