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Ludovica & Piergabriele
The 29th June 2019

A breathless wedding venue in Tuscany hosted a special celebration: Ludovica & Pier Gabriele’s wedding

One of the main aspect in terms of design for this wedding was the particular attention to shapes and colors in every details. Ludovica decided to have a super original seating plan, composed from greenery circles, which remind to the endless line of love. The summer breeze was creating a sort of joke for guests to read their names! The design was cured by a special designer, which is a great help to guide you in the stationary design.
The lovely young bride choose a delicate palette color for the flowers decorations, which gave a tender touch of elegance and freshness at the same time. Everything was brightly romantic!
The special attention to details created a unique atmosphere of naturalness in which all small things were perfectly matching to surprise and attract the wedding guests. Even if every details were deeply planned from the bride, everything was authentic and natural.
This stunning wedding venue in Tuscany, was the right choice for Ludovica & Pier Gabriele: absolutely refined in details, still keeping alive the tradition and the nature’s authentic freedom.
Flowers decorations were characterized from a blaze of roses of different shades and scent, and wildflowers, which gave to the flowers arrangements a boho touch. The flowers’ typology was chosen with particular attention to the final effect and to the seasonal blooming.
During the getting ready the bride and the groom were always embraced by friends together with their lovely daughter Zoe
The bride’s preparation started with a big cheers to celebrate the beginning of this special day, in the charming salons of Buonriposo where the light is perfect for the make up.
The bridal Make up artists and hairdressers took care about Ludovica with special attention to the make up rules and waterproof mascara for the happy tears!
The hair style chosen from the bride was for a messy low bun with a touch of wildflowers and lunaria.
The bridal make up was very simple and it emphasized the natural beauty of Ludovica.
The ceremony area was ready and impatient to wait a long, but the bride and the groom were not ready. Furthermore the guests were not at the wedding venue.. Two beautiful columns are decorated with a blaze of flowers, the best backdrop is the landscape overlooking the valley and the old watchtower.
And Zoe? She was getting ready too! No words needed to explain how beautiful she was!
A wonderful group of wedding guests was waiting for the bride coming, under the Tuscan sun, equipped with parasols and fans, all of them smiling and happy, especially children, playing with parasols and petals for the throwing!
The bridal dress was absolutely gorgeous: delicate and soft as a cloud, a bit bohémien and romantic and the bridal bouquet was airy and natural
In the meantime the newly weds are taking pictures around all guests are welcomed and entertained with a delicious aperitif, rich in typical products from our region: Tuscan Wine, Pienza Pecorino cheese, delicious cold cuts and, of course, bubbles!
The Wedding Dinner was about to begin, so between a selfie and another, guests came closer to the beautiful setting prepared for them.
The sunset light gave to all items on the table and to the flowers a warm color.. the candle lights in this moment were still feeble, but they helped to create the right atmosphere.
The boho pink runner drapery gave to the table a movement and a natural trend, perfectly matching the napkins and the flowers’ delicate shades.
As you can see in these beautiful pictures, the contrast between wood of the naked tables and the glass made a special melange of taste and beauty.
The fairy lights are now still weak, and guests are arriving to take the sit; the mise en place was characterized from a milk porcelain charger with its own coordinate bread plate, silver cutlery and crystal glasses.
Everything here had a great balance between freshness and tradition.